Trans-disciplinary Artist, Musician/Producer & DJ
Photos: ©2012 Matthias König
This soundsculpture is a composition of found objects - piled up on top of eachother - and different sound sources. The core of this composition is a looped record player. A flowerpot - turned upside down on a vinyl record - keeps the pickup from moving which creates a continious loop. The sound of the record is reproduced by the upper most speaker. The two speakers below reproduce ambiant tones coming from a mp3 player. Between the two speakers below is a plexiglass sheet which resonates to the frequencies of the lowest speaker. There are two straws attached to the plexiglass sheet with plastic coffee cups which create delicate noise by shaking through the resonance of the plexiglass sheet.
In the corner of the room are two desktop lamps, producing a subtle rhythm.
The Sun never sets

Furniture, amplifiers, speakers, plexiglass, recordplayer, vinyl record, flowerpot, straws, coffee cups, wires, desktop lamps, microcontrollers, desktop lamps