Trans-disciplinary Artist, Musician/Producer & DJ
Photos: ©2014 by Matthias König
'Lullaby for the Brave' is a soundsculpture consisting of several found objects combined with self made objects. It operates independently, moves and makes sounds. It's heart is a recordplayer that spins randomly in variable speeds. A dismantled umbrella, attached to the recordpayer is turning around it's own axis. By doing so it moves a tennis ball clockwise between a flickering energy saving light bulb and a spinning computer harddrive. Inside the tennisball is a electro magnetic pickup installed which amplifies the electromagnetic fields of the lightbulb and the harddrive and makes them audible. By circulating between the two electrical elements a simple beat is created which continously varies in sound due to the variation of the electro magnetic fields of the the bulb and the harddrive.
Lullaby for the Brave

Wood, umbrella, recordplayer, computer harddrive, energy saving light bulb, tennisball, plastic cups, electromagnetic microphone, amplifier, speakerbox, styrofoam, airbed, sand, electronics, microcontrollers