Trans-disciplinary Artist, Musician/Producer & DJ
Photos: ©2013 Matthias König
This sound-sculpture installation was part of the groups exhibition "Pigs & Pearls" at the Künstlerhaus Dortmund (GER) , 2013.
The installation inhabited the dark basement of the gallery. Several speakers (varying in size from 10'' to 15'') were producing jungle like sounds through audio-feedback. The feedback was produced by microphones hanging above the speakers. A dynamic and ever changing soundscape was created by applying several auto-animated audio-filter technieques which are commonly used in the field of modular synthesis. The microphone cables were hung throughout the whole space and created a kind of threedimensional drawing. In one corner was a sound-sculpture consisting of found objects like bedroom furniture, a ceiling-fan, a speakerbox, a small television and a desk-lamp, combined with handmade wings (made of epoxy resin) which were attached to the fan. The fan was spinning randomly to it's own rhythm. The television would produce weird noises which were visualized on the screen at the same time. A powerlead was running out of the desk-lamp, disappearing in a hole in the ground. On the end of the powerlead was a flickering lightbulb attached which got 'caught' by an old reel to reel tape recorder. The tapehead of the recorder would then amplify the electromagnetic field of the flickering lamp to make its crisp sound audible. In another corner a second sculpture was installed. This one would also consist of several found objects like a record player, bedroom furniture and a stage light. The recordplayer - standig upright on top of the furniture - had a triple pendulum attached to it's motor in order to drive the pendulum. Two blue LEDs attached to the pendulum would dance like fireflys in the dark. These fireflys would then be filmed by an old camera which transfered the live image through a video-loop to a projector which would reproduce the image on a wall somewhere else in the basement. Through the special effect treatment the filmed LEDs would appear in the projection as ever changing glowing lines, like abstract dynamic drawings.
A Glimpse of Dawn

Furniture, fan, television, speakers, cables, microphones, audio apparature, taperecorder, lightbulb, projector, camera, recordplayer, stagelight