Photos & video: ©2018
the artist
This multidisciplinary installtion was on display at GEM, The Hague (NL)(museum for Contemporary Art) during the summer of 2018 and was originally commissioned by Kunstenlab Deventer (NL). The installation was part of the group-exhibition 'Geluidsgolven'/'Soundwaves' as a tribute to Dutch composer and sound-artist Dick Raaijmakers. The other part taking artists have been: Barbara Elisson, Yota Morimoto, Bram Vreven and Dick Raaijmakers. Curator: Jelmer Wijnstroom.
Das ist die Tradition:
Du füllst das Glas und trinkst es leer!

'Drawings with acrylic pen on paper (different sizes), custom-made rotating loudspeakers, sound composition, video projections, stage lighting.
group-exhibition - GEM The Hague (NL) (museum for Contemporary Art)
With friendly support by:

GEM The Hauge (NL), The Mondriaan Fund(NL), Stroom The Hague(NL), Locatie Z The Hauge (NL)
This is the tradition:
you fill the glass and drink it all up!